Personal Trainer

Yoga, Pilates, Plyometrics, and Weight Training all come to you

When on vacation it is easy to let a workout plan lapse. Big meals, sleeping in, going out can all wreck havoc on getting to the gym. However, when clients rent a luxury vacation home with The Maruca Group, they don’t have to worry about ruining their workout regimen. With the rental of one of our luxury homes, clients have the option to take advantage our personal trainer services. With this service, clients can choose to have a certified personal trainer who is personally selected by The Maruca Group to visit the client on their schedule to get in the same (or better) workout they are used to at home. The Maruca Group personally selects only the best local personal trainers who are completed vetted to work with our clients. Our trainers being all the equipment needed to our clients or use on-site gyms. Clients can choose from a variety of workouts including: Pilates Yoga Cardiovascular Health Weight Training Weight Loss Cross Training

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