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No matter how many times you visit here, the beautiful city of Palm Springs never misses to surprise you with its famous tourist attractions and enticing places. Located at a distance of just two to three hours from Los Angeles, the serene city of Palm Springs is one of the most popular tourist attractions of California. Set in the Colorado Desert, Palm Springs is known for its warm weather, charming vibe and golf resorts. You should know that Palm Springs along with its environs like the Palm Desert are a winter gateway destination for most of the people living in America. But along with the golf resort, there are many other things to do. From shopping to dining, Palm Springs offers a wide range of activities and this is why this amazing city will never leave you thinking what to do.

The city of Palm Springs has blossomed as one of the most popular tourist destinations between a mid-century modern vibe and serene desert backdrop. You can visit hip new hotels, unique vacation homes, boutique hideaways, and all of them include a clean and beautiful swimming pool. But if you are looking forward to make your trip to Palm Springs memorable then you should definitely book a Palm Springs Luxury Villa Rentals as they are available at an economical price. By choosing a Palm Springs Villa Rentals, you will be able to make your stay comfortable and you can live on your own terms and conditions without confining yourself to the rules and timings of hotels.

Most of the people begin and end their day in the swimming pools but the trendy restaurants and other major attraction will provide an excuse to get out of the pool. Spend an opulent afternoon exploring the vintage shops and home décor, many with a cool retro design that are unique to Palm Springs. If you want some physical activity in Palm Springs then you can go for trails in the nearby mountains. Let’s look at some of the best things to do in Palm Springs along with some of the popular tourist destinations.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and Mount San Jacinto

The Mount San Jacinto is located at the edge of the Palm Springs city and it is 10,000 feet above the desert floor. You will be dumbfounded to know that the world’s biggest rotating aerial tram car is located at this place and it is used to visit the Mount San Jacinto Mountain. The view from the top of the mountain is surely amazing and on a hot day, the refreshing air at the top of the mountain will surely calm you down and give you a serene experience.

You can use the Aerial Tramway to reach 8.500 feet where there are two restaurants, historical displays and observation decks and informative videos on how the tram was built. From this point, there are many hiking trails that run across the palm forest. One of these trials will lead you to the summit of Mount San Jacinto.  Even during the summer season, the temperature is quite cool on the top of the mountain and this is why if you are visiting this mountain in the winters, then be prepared for snow. Just book a Palm Springs Villa Rentals at the center of the Palm Springs and visit all the sites like the Mount San Jacinto without any hassle.

Palm Springs Air Museum

If you love aircrafts and crazy about museums then you should definitely visit the Palm Springs Air Museum. You should know that the Palm Springs Air Museum houses the country’s largest collections of working Second World War Period Aircrafts. You might have started thinking that the museum must be very large and it will take you a lot of time to explore the place but that is not the case.  The whole museum is quite compact and you can easily see the whole place in a very short period of time. Most of the collections are displayed in hangars. It’s the best place to visit if the weather is too hot outside or if you are looking for an escape from the outdoors.

But even if you are an aircraft buff and looking forward to explore how the aircraft of the World War II era looked like, you can still pay a visit to this amazing museum.

Indian Canyons

Indian Canyons is surely one of the best places of Palm Springs if you are looking forward to explore the desert scenery. It is located just outside Palm Springs and is very popular for hiking as well. One of the most attractive sections of the Indian Canyons is the Palm Canyon which is basically a 15 mile long canyon with waterfalls and a creek that are lined up with large palm trees that bring color to the otherwise muted shaded of the desert surrounding.

You can simply go for the short stroll to the creek or just continue for a longer hike, enjoy a desert picnic or just sit and enjoy the serene environment of the desert. Right from the parking lot, there are various trails of different lengths leading out in the oasis. There are also trading post that sells souvenirs Indian art and various other items.

If you love watching birds then you should visit the Andreas Canyon as it is another major attraction of the Indian Canyons. In the same vicinity is the Murray Canon which has a less frequented hiking trails and good opportunities for spotting dear and wildlife.


There are many places in the Palm Springs that are perfect golfing courses. During the winter months when the temperature is perfect a round of golf, many tourists visit the golf courses and satisfy their itch of Golfing. The golf courses of Palm Springs offer a completely scenic view along with aeric mountains rising in the distance beyond the green fairways. You should know that many people come only for golfing trip in Palm Springs. There are many different types of golf courses, ranging from very costly to economical but some of the most common and popular golf courses are Canyon golf resort, Escena golf club, Desert Willow golf resort and many more.

If you love golfing and looking for a golf course that offer scenic view then you should definitely visit the golfing courses of Palm Springs without any second thought.

Palm Spring Art Museum

The amazing Palm Spring Art Museum offers a wide array of performing arts and unique artworks. The museum was formed in 1930 and since then the focus has been on deserts. But over the recent years, the direction has shifted to modern and contemporary arts that include Native American art. The most famous collections of this museum include Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams. There are also two sculpture gardens located outside the site.

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