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The Maruca Group is a turnkey service that allows our homeowners the ease of marketing their vacation homes while maximizing their investment without having to handle everything themselves. We market your property to clients from around the world looking for a luxury vacation rental.


Quite simply, The Maruca Group is the most effective way to maximize the return on your vacation home investment. We’ll help you generate incremental revenue and more bookings by introducing your property to luxury clientele who might not otherwise hear about your beautiful home. We employ a world-class team of more than 20 experts in SEO, PPC, social media and web design. And our email campaigns reach over 10,000 discerning customers, all looking for their next great vacation experience! As a member of the The Maruca Group collection, we’ll provide you with unprecedented reach and exposure to the discerning luxury travellers you seek with exposure to over 300 websites in over 75 countries. And you’ll appreciate that we bring a turnkey booking solution to your door. Unlike other listing sites, we handle all the guest queries, bookings, payments and travel details on your behalf. Imagine how this could simplify your life and how much free time you would gain!

We are a turnkey service that allows our homeowners the ease of marketing their vacation home while maximizing their investment without having to do their work themselves. We market your property to clients from around the world who are looking for a luxury vacation rental. Just a few of our services include: Marketing – We will market your vacation home to those throughout the world by a mix of digital marketing, emails, websites and letters. We reach over 10,000 potential clients in 75 countries making our database one of the largest of any luxury home rental company. Guest Questions – We are here around the clock to answer questions from our clients about our homes and our services. Bookings – Once a client decides on a vacation home, we take care of all the booking details and collect down payments on the property. We will also follow up to make sure that the booking is completely paid for before the check-in date while also answering any additional questions the client may have along the way. Additional Services – Many of our properties can also be booked with additional services such as security, a personal chef, or a personal trainer. We will work with our clients to set up these services without our homeowners needing to lift a finger. .

While all the houses submitted for selection are outstanding, we are only able to select a few houses in each city. This allows us to keep our list of homes exclusive in each destination. Additionally, we limit the number of properties we represent so that each one can receive the marketing and care that it deserves. We thank you for your submission and invite you to resubmit in the future as there may be openings in that particular location. .

We are looking for the best of the best when it comes to luxurious vacation homes. As a result, we have a strict list of standards that each house much meet before it can be accepted. Each vacation home must meet a strict list of standards before it will be accepted. As a result, only the finest properties are selected. While meeting select standards, all homes are also reviewed by a selection committee at The Maruca Group. All homes must be located in an area that is considered an exclusive destination. All homes must be immaculately decorated and well kept. All homes must give clients a true sense of home and include amenities that would be found in the most luxurious hotel. .

When a homeowner decides to market their vacation home with The Maruca Group, they get the full-service experience. We will handle all booking details and questions so there is never any contact between the homeowner and the client. All the homeowner has to do is confirm the home’s availability once a client decides on the property. We take care of all emails to the client and all marketing of the home. Of course, all homeowners are aware of all communication with marketing, but the heavy lifting is done by us. By listing with us, you get a full service marketing team to market your property to as many clients as possible. You will also get a team of experts who are there to answer any questions you may have. .

In the unlikely event that a client damages a home, The Maruca Group will move immediately in order to make sure that the problems are completely fixed. All homes are inspected after the client leaves to make sure they are in the same condition as before the rental period. If damage is found, we will contact the homeowner immediately to inform them of the issue. The client will be informed as well and held responsible for any monies needed to bring the house back to its original condition. The Maruca Group will contact the appropriate specialists in order to make the repairs. The homeowner will be kept up-to-date throughout the entire process and informed of all procedures and costs. .

We understand that your vacation home is a prized possession and you don’t want to risk it being damaged in any way. In order to prevent any damage, we vet our clients completely in order to not only make sure that they have the funds available for the rental, but they are also upstanding citizens. Our clients are usually adult couples looking for a get away for a while or a family. We take as much pride in your vacation home as you do and we want to see it treated as if were our own. As a result, we will treat it as such and do all we can to make sure that it is well cared for. .

We will get you your funds immediately following the client’s checkout. These will be wired to the bank account that you provide. All information is kept secure and is only handled by senior Maruca Group employees. All financial information regarding your vacation home will also be sent to your home address or through email, whichever you prefer, by the end of January in order to prepare for taxes. .

We do not charge any managment, yearly or monthly fees, work with net to owner & revenue sharing. .

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