Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

The Ferrari 458 is quite simply one of the fastest street cars ever produced by this exotic car brand. With a 4.5 litre V8 engine that produces 560 horsepower at an astounding 9,000 rpm, a 7-speed sequential paddle shifted Formula 1 transmission, magnetic dampers, and massive brakes, the Italia is capable of performance that beats its competitors. The Ferrari Italia is designed with luxury, incredible power and driver usability in mind. This car is perfect for a night out in Miami and will definitely make a statement.



Engine 562 hp
Transmission 7 speed with a sequential E-gear transmission.
0 to 60 3.4 seconds
Top Speed 220 mph / 359 km/h
Passengers 2
Bags 1 small

Rental Details

Daily Rental $1320.00
3 Days Rental $3630.00
Weekly Rental $7150.00