You get to pick your friends while you can’t pick your family. However, that doesn’t make traveling with friends any easier than traveling with family. With any large group, there are going to be ebbs and flows. The key to keeping any trip on the rails is communication with any and all parties. Here are a few more tips to ensure that your next trip with your best friends goes off without a hitch.

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First things first, communication is needed to see what everyone wants to do. This can be especially true for groups with varying ages. It may be that the younger ones want to stay out and party and the others are looking for a quiet night in. Communication is the key to seeing what everyone wants to do. That way, you can layout what museums everyone wants to visit or shopping that others want to do.

Be sure to remember that not every group needs to be a group activity. In fact, doing different things can make for a better trip and better stories during the dinner hour.

Remember to be flexible with travel plans. Some people may be a little more concerned about money or not wild about spending every waking moment at the beach or even want to have sushi each night. On the other hand, while it is important to be flexible, also be willing to make a decision.

Be sure to give everyone space for their own personal time. This is especially true for any introverts along for the trip. They will need time to recharge their social batteries.

Don’t focus on pennies. Let everyone know up front how much the trip should cost and stay with that budget. Don’t skimp, but be mindful that some people may not have as much money to spend as others. If the group is planning something more expensive, make sure that everyone is aware well in advance so money can be saved for that particular activity.

Lastly, don’t make any plans when people are hungry or stressed. This is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to attend to everyone’s needs and get them fed or diffuse the situation before making any decisions.