One of the best ways to preserve vacation memories is by taking great photos. Thankfully, new technology allows just about anyone to take a great picture. No longer do travelers have to have a professional camera around their necks. Now, an iPhone or Android will take just as good pictures as a professional model. However, there are always still a few tricks to be learned to help your photos stand out and help you remember that vacation of a lifetime.

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No matter if you are using a professional camera or a phone, be sure that your batteries are charged. Nothing can ruin that perfect moment faster than going to click the shutter and realizing you have no battery left. This can be especially easy to do with a phone if you have spent all day checking email or surfing the web. Be sure to have a portable charger if you know you will be taking pictures throughout the day.

Additionally, be sure to check your available memory before leaving home. Delete any old pictures or unused apps off of your phone and clear memory cards in your other cameras in order to assure yourself that you have plenty of memory and can take as many pictures as your heart desires.

When taking pictures, be sure to have fun. Don’t just line your subjects up and click the shutter. Look for the odd angle. Get above your subjects or get on the ground and shoot upwards. Look for something unique to help fill the frame and be sure to use your imagination.

Be sure to take candid photos. Yes, it is great to organize everyone into a line or a pose, but take a few shots when no one is paying attention. You can capture great moments when your subject isn’t aware of the camera and these photos will likely turn out to be some of your best.

When possible, be sure to stabilize the camera. Tripods for both professional cameras and cell phones are readily available in camera shots or online and can make a huge difference, especially when attempting to photograph an image up close.

Remember to fill the frame with something fun. You may have to zoom in on the subject, but be sure the image is captivating. Also, pay attention to the background and make sure that it is not distracting to the subject in front. In other words, make sure that there is not a branch coming out of someone’s head, or a sign saying something you don’t want repeated.

Be sure to take a variety of photos. Zoom out as far as you can, then zoom all the way in. Play around with camera settings and be creative.

Finally, be sure to pass the camera around. You don’t want to get home and discover that you are not in any photos. Remember to take some selfiies or let other have a go at it. `

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