Going on vacation should not have to be a stressful planning process. Get back to enjoying the excitement of your up and coming vacation and let The Maruca Group handle everything you need from start to finish.
Sit Back. We’ve got this

The Maruca Group is a Full-Service Vacation Rental Agency headquartered in Miami Beach, FL. Here at The Maruca Group,  our team strives to provide guests with simple time-saving solutions to vacation planning. We operate as a full-service consulting, booking, and concierge company.

Is time of essence? From the moment you decide to take a vacation, The Maruca Group steps in to handle the entire planning process, from start to finish.

Step one is choosing where you will vacation. Our vacation consultants will guide you in choosing the right vacation destination, based on all of your wants and needs.

We are experts in our locations. Our consultants live on site as locals in your chosen destination! This provides our guests with honest, up-to-date advice on choice locations, experiences, and more.

Once a destination is chosen, we then begin the process of finding you the perfect vacation home, taking into account multiple factors, such as occupancy, budget, and availability. We strive to meet every request and find the perfect fit in a timely manner. Time and time again, The Maruca Group has proven to execute with an undisputed level of excellence untouched by competitors.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Once your vacation home is booked, The Maruca Group is on-call to provide everything your vacation needs, from catering services to yacht rentals, and everything in between! No request is too large for our team. You name it, we will make it happen! Remember, we’ve got this.

For the more hands-on guests, The Maruca Group provides multiple planning solutions that will simplify the planning process. Visit our Vacation Planning Page to explore every option and experience provided at your chosen vacation destination. Stay relaxed and enjoy the excitement of your upcoming vacation!

We’ve got this.

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